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Privacy Policy

True Replicas always respects the privacy of its users and we intend to keep it that way. The information we collect is described below. Under no circumstance, we sell this information to any third party.

Information we collect:

The information we collect via cookies contains your IP address, your OS version, Browser type and version, your physical address (not accurate location, just City and Country). We collect such info when you visit our website via means of Cookies, which are small files stored on your Computer’s Hard Drive. The primary purpose of such info is to ensure a good shopping experience for you. There are some other cookies mainly Google Analytics that track your online activity (activity you do on our site) of your session while you’re on our website. Such cookies may track which links you click most, which pages you stay on and which pages you exit.

Personal Info that you provide us:

This info may include your Full Name, your phone number, your physical address including zip code, your email address etc. This info is collected when you place an order with us. We may only use such for sending you important updates and promotions regarding this site. And we will never use such info for any other purpose.